Weekend recap – Chanel Inspired Gender Reveal

It’s the first day of the work week and we’re giving you a run down of weekend events. As I sit here with the morning sun on my face and think how far I’ve come and how blessed I am to have clients who give me such creative freedom I just want to stay thank you to all of you out there. I haven’t always had the life I dreamed so I stepped out there and decided to create it! Decorating cookies wasn’t my initial business focus it is something I evolved into over the years. Now that I have found it I never want to let it go! With each order that comes my way I am grateful and thankful you choose The Dough Bar. We try and keep it classy and sometimes a little smart assy.

Today’s cookies are all the way CLASSY! A few weeks ago you might remember a Chanel inspired bridal shower cookie ensemble, today I have for you the most delightful and classy gender reveal grouping. This might me one of my most favorite I’ve done to date. Some are sassy, some are flashy but, all are classy. I mixed designs and patterns using only two different shapes to pull together the full look, all in all there were 11 different designs for the 36 cookies.

Chanel 5  Chanel 2

Ladies and Gentleman it’s a girl! Yup little Paisley Raye will be here before you know it and Mom wanted the world to know she was bringing in her little darling with style and grace. Using a circle cutter and our onesie cutter I designed six different onesie outfits and five different circle styles in total. I loved the name Paisley Raye and mom wanted it displayed on the onesie in a unique way. I knew the perfect font was Simply Glamorous because it adds just the right touch of whimsy to a very refined black and white suit. Next up I chose to add a few rosettes to simplify and tone it down a bit. However, I topped it off with a bold statement of girl power with our “Girl” cookie.

Chanel 3


Of course the onesies were monogrammed with the baby’s name and Coco Chanel’s signature double CCs. I did however, chose to do one set of onesies with an implied version on the baby’s name so using a stencil I applied black icing to our dried white onesie in a paisley pattern.  To complete the look I added sugar lace as a tulle skirt to the bottom of the outfit along with large edible pearls. Baby Paisley is already making a statement to the world.


Everything on our cookies is edible and non-toxic.

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Until next time, Be Sweet

xoxo, Rosilind

Fresh Baked Friday – Dr. Seuss and the birthday suite (sweet)

It’s FriYaY and where here to play. Today is the day so let’s get on our way. FBF feature is all about a sweet first birthday with a Dr. Seuss theme. I’ve never done a Dr. Seuss cookie suit before but oh how I long to. It was right up there on my wish list of cookies to do along with with Winnie the Poo and Charlotte’s Web.

I have a special place in my heart for classic children’s stories and the pure heart of the characters in those stories. Dr. Seuss especially since his were some of my favorite books as a child.  When I was contacted for this party I was so excited my calendar was open, these days it fills up pretty quickly, I knew I wanted to do it the theme justice and tell my own story so to speak. So I thought left and I thought right, I thought high and I thought low, oh the things I could do because I tried. So out came the colors, the shapes and my imagination to play.

Dr. Seuss cookies 1


So out came The Cat in the Hat, The Lorax and Thing 1 but, less I forget Sam-I-Am with his Green Eggs and Ham who brought them all together again to try something, something we know they all will like. It’s a celebration, and a reason to play, let’s get together and have cookies I say!

Dr. Seuss cookies 2


Why fit in when you were BORN to STAND OUT! – Dr. Seuss


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Until next time, Be Sweet


Weekend wrap up: Shaking, Baking and Serving

It’s just another manic Monday, back to school, back to work hustling and bustling. This past weekend I had all of the above going on, delivering back to school cookie boxes, working on a special second birthday party and serving the community passing out supplies at a back to school supply drive in Dallas. Most of our weekends are jammed packed and when I do have a little bit of free time I love to give back by serving the community to with sorority sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha.

Blogging is all new to me but in creating this blog I wanted so much to provide relevant content that gives you the reader a glimpse into my work, personal and ever evolving “sweet life.” So when I started working on this special second birthday set for one of my original clients I knew I wanted to blog about it. This set of cookies took me on a roller coaster of emotions from, “this sucks,” “this is hideous,” “well it’s not bad,” “wait these turned out pretty cool.”  I had already done “Molly” the Bubble Guppie a couple of times so I was a bit more comfortable with her but decided I should push myself even further to design a full birthday set not just one cookie. It was my surprise to her since she trust me so with her special occasions.

cookie cutters

In order to stretch myself I said let’s color some wafer paper, use multiple shapes to bring the theme to life and make it a solid and cohesive assortment.

Bubble guppy 1Bubble guppy 2

I iced all the cookies white first so I would have a blank slate to start with. Next, I cut out ¾” circles of my colored wafer paper and attached them to the number two cookie so they would look like waves. I took several of the other number two cookies and airbrushed them pink to look like waves as well, once dry I began to add details little by little. I’m not a typical designer and it’s hard for me to sketch out designs in advance so it’s a little hectic in my brain most times. One by one new elements were added, polka dots, disco dust, stencils and airbrush color to arrive at a the complete combination below.

Bubble guppies




Until next time, Be Sweet!


Fresh Baked Friday – Branding with Cookies featuring Chef CJ

It’s the weekend baby, FRIYAY! Back today with a Fresh Baked Friday spotlight on Chef CJ of CJ’s Masterpiece in Houston, TX.

Clinton Jackson affectionately known as Chef CJ is the mastermind behind this culinary experience so of course when opportunity knocked we opened the door to work with him and turn his logo into cookie we leaped at the chance! Cookiefying logos is one of my absolute favorite things to do. I mean seriously who wouldn’t want an edible piece of art of their business to advertise and what a sweet journey this has been. Sometimes branding with cookies is complex and we need to tell a story and sometimes it’s simple and we just need to stand back and support the star of the show. In Chef CJ’s epic tale that’s exactly what we wanted to do, allow the fabulous mouth watering food created by CJ’s Masterpiece to shine brightly. Bon Appetit

CJs masterpiece


If you are interested in placing an order or consulting on a awesome branding with cookies project drop us a quick note using our contact form at the top right of the page I will respond within 48 hours.

Until next time, Be Sweet


Eat Dessert First – the EGGstronomical reason behind the rising cost of your favorite desserts and treats

In January of 2015 it was quietly announce that the Avian flu otherwise known as Bird flu had made its way to the US and was now effecting chicken farms in the Midwest. By May of this year it was announced, a little more loudly this time, that the flu had spread so rapidly 85% of the hen laying egg population had to be destroyed and consumers would soon begin to feel the strain of the virus in their wallets.EggsonMarble_Stockistry

As a small craft bakeshop this hard hitting reality caused panic and frustration on my part. Due to the fact I am a small biz (one woman show primarily) I don’t have the luxury of ordering at volume discount from manufactures and suppliers. I am pretty much purchasing all of my ingredients including my eggs at retail cost. While business slows in the summer due to travel and beach body season the fall is approaching quickly and so is baking season. Over the weekend I headed to a wholesale big box store to refresh my supplies and to pick up several cartons of eggs when I almost fainted in the dairy section……WHAT! EGGS $7.98 for 36 ct (GASP, OUTRAGE, TEARS) were just a few of the emotions that flooded my body. Just a few short months ago eggs were half that price. I strolled down a little bit further as I gathered my composure and there it was another SMACK in the face, butter was a whopping $10. We are now talking a 30% increase in the price of butter over the course of 2 months and 50% increase in eggs. This is only a fraction of the ingredients most bakers use but they are the two most critical ingredients. Right now we are hearing reports stating the cost could increase by as much as 19% or more by November, the peak of baking season.

The cost of eggs doesn’t just affect the bakery it affects every facet/layer of the process. Items that use egg by products such as meringue powder is also rising due to increased shortages in dried egg whites, which means less royal icing to make pretty decorated cookies.

While the Avian flu is no longer a major threat over 49 million chickens and turkeys died due to the outbreak. Faced with these staggering and frightening facts in front of me what’s a small bakeshop to do? Do I raise my prices? Do I close my doors and hide my head in the sand and hope it passes quickly or, do I tough it out, limit my menu and pray, you my awesome customers will bear with me during this rough patch. I of course am counting on the later of these scenarios but of course I can’t promise we won’t have to raise our prices at some point. It is expected to take a minimum of two years to recover the full population of lost egg laying hens during this epidemic.

You can read more about the Avian Flu epidemic here and here.