Happy Birthday America – Fourth of July weekend recap

The Dough Bar is Sweet on Oddfellows – Let’s do brunch!

Fourth of July weekend kicks off summer vacation in a big way, for some families they are packing their bags, loading up the car and headed off to parts all across this great nation. Others are packing a picnic basket and heading off to the beach, lake or park for a fun activity filled weekend. And then there are people like me, staying home, relaxing and taking in all the goodness locally offered in my own backyard.

I started out this long holiday weekend with a photo shoot with my favorite photographer Izehi of Izehi Photography with a shot in Oak Cliff, TX, Bishop Art’s District, one of my favorite areas. Bishop Arts is such a jewel due to the culture and preservation. There are hidden treasures such as authentic local establishments, trendy shops, bakeries and so much more.

After a long morning working and shooting it was time for brunch. I choose a bustling local spot known for their awesome brunch and lunch by the name of Oddfellows.  With so many delicious entrees to choose from I decided on the Oddfellows’ Benedict and because poached eggs aren’t a fav of mine I had my eggs soft scrambled and substituted the smoked salmon, which I highly recommend. When I tell you this meal was everything, it was everything!!  And to celebrate the photo shoot wrap as part of the new look for The Dough Bar we sipped on Mimosas which made the meal even more special. Stay tuned for more on the photo shoot in a future blog post. If you are ever in Bishop Arts district stop by Oddfellows it’s definitely worth the wait and no worries they serve breakfast/brunch until 3 PM everyday. This place is truly a sweet spot in a sweet little area of town.

Oddfellows brunch


Let Freedom Ring!!

Saturday was a perfect day for packing up the picnic basket and heading out to the park for a little rest and relaxation as we prepared to watch the fireworks this evening. My basket was full of patriotic goodness one of which being my easy to prepare red, white and blue shortcakes (I’ll post the recipe on Wednesday.) Also included, a nice bottle of sparkling wine and my yummy red velvet cupcakes; because what would a picnic be without bubbly and dessert, right? Some of you may not know but I also make cupcakes. One of my favorite and most requested cupcake flavors is my red velvet and it couldn’t be more perfect for 4th of July.  To give the red velvet a patriotic twist I topped them with our tie dye red, white and blue cream cheese frosting.  You’d be surprised how easy it is to add this fancy effect to your cupcakes at home too. Below is the quick 3 step process with photographs for you to follow.

Tie dye frosting in 3 simple steps:

  1. Take your piping bag and put 2 dots of each red and blue food gel in the bag
  2. Fill bag with your cream cheese frosting
  3. Pip on your tie dye swirl

See super easy and a huge wow factor for your guest. All of my friends at the park totally enjoyed their patriotic dessert as we watched the fireworks explode all across the Texas sky.

patriotic cupcakes.2

Patriotic cupcakes



Sweetly yours



Branding with Cookies – Featuring Dream, Pray, Hustle

Today’s blog post is meant to give you a little insight into my world, my brand and how what I do can help you beyond your next party, soirée or social.

One of my favorite things to do with our custom decorated sugar cookies is to make them edible brand collateral material for clients. What better way to leave a lasting impression with someone than with a deliciously designed cookie; a cookie with your personal brand image made into edible art.

As an entrepreneur, you want the world to get to know you, to have a sense of who you are and what your business represents. Through branding you have the opportunity to capture your ideal clients attention and convey your message to the world.  Branding is what differentiates you from others and creates the opportunity for you to leave a foot print in the mind of the consumer through the story of your brand. By sending the right message hopefully you will have left the consumer/ideal client with a reason why they should make you a part of their lives.

The Dough Bar is a luxury cookie and treat company that specializes in custom decorated cookies. Our brand has been designed not to convey exactly what we do but why we do it. Our motto is “Because Life Should Always Be Sweet,” sweet to the soul and sweet to the palette which is way taste is our number one priority. When customers and potential customers see our gold logo with flourishes and the soft subtle pink and bold black strips our brand is sending a message, we are not your average bake shop. We are here to partner with you to help provide your next event or special occasion with just the right touch of sweetness to take it to the next level.  We have positioned ourselves to not only delight you personally but also to aide you and your business by conveying your uniquely crafted message through edible mediums.

Jasmine Alston Photography

Say it with Cookies!

Recently, I had the oportunity to collaborate with wonderful team to craft a gorgeous display of sweet treats at a intimate business workshop for motivational speaker and business coach Kachelle Kelly. The cookies were created with her logo in mind and her signature tag line “Activate Your Hustle,” also included was the workshop name “Dream, Pray, Hustle” using custom logo cupcake toppers with edible images. This beautiful display was currated and designed by Posh and Private Events (@poshandprivate – Instagram)

I often get request for logo cookies and depending on your logo design determines if it is a hand drawn design or if I use an edible image. No matter the style each cookie is baked with love and designed and decorated for you to put your best brand face forward. So why not say it with cookies! Say thank you, Welcome, I Appreciate You, Congratulations or just Hi here I am world. Large or small I will help you determine what the best option is for you and your business.

JasmineAlstonPhotography-42 (2)

JasmineAlstonPhotography-28 (2)


Until next time, Be Sweet!

Nurse’s Appreciation week May 6 – May 12: The heartbeat of healthcare

Nurses are the heartbeat of the healthcare industry, the unsung hero of the floor, the ward and the operating room. Nurses Appreciate Day may have been started many moons ago as a testament to the great Florence Nightingale but it remains relevant and pivotal because of the valuable role they play in healthcare today and always.

Whether you are a nursing student, an LPN or an RN we salute and appreciate you for all you do. The set of cookies pictured below were commissioned by a young nursing student who was graduating on May 15th from nursing school as a token of her appreciation to her floor. Appropriately they would be enjoyed on May 12, Nurses Appreciation Day and Florence Nightingale’s birthday.

Nurses Rock Congrats grad

Cheers to all the great nurses out there who keep us well, cared for and supported, YOU ROCK!

Be Sweet!

Teacher’s Appreciation Week May 4 – May 8 : To Teach is to Touch a Life Forever

This past week we celebrated teachers during Teacher’s Appreciation Week -Teacher’s Appreciation Day is May 5th. Teachers truly are the heart of our society without teachers where would we be? Whether a teacher by trade, craft or necessity your heartfelt gift of education is appreciated. I come from a family of educators and know first-hand how rewarding yet selfless the job of teaching can be. My mother was adored by her students she taught life skills and made it fun. Back then your favorite teacher was like a celebrity in town…LOL Still to this day 35 years later I’ve run into some of her students and they recall their fondness of my mom and her class and all that she taught them. My aunt was a favorite of many of her students as well serving in the school system as a High School Guidance counselor. I also accredit my grandmother with teaching since she taught sewing in private lessons and at a local senior center, she was a accomplished and talented seamstress. Teaching is a gift as rare and wonderful as can be. When you teach you are touching lives, opening minds, imparting knowledge and nurturing a mind to explore and soar to new heights. So when I saw this image from I knew I had to make it a cookie for Teacher’s appreciation week.

to teach is to touch a life

As a young student I had my own favorite teach in school and to this day I love and adore, her name was Ms. Freeman. Ms. Freeman was a phenomenal teacher who taught 3rd grade and made it delightful and exciting. She was creative, artistic, caring and giving. You couldn’t wait to get to 3rd grade just so you could be in her class, at least the creative kids like me couldn’t. She drew charactures of each of her students and hung them around the room she even made the gross stuff like dissecting a piglet fun too. She lit my creativity and although it has taken many years for my flame to burn bright it has never gone out. So thank you once again Ms. Freeman of Huff Elementary School for touching my life forever.

As we close out teacher appreciation week and head into Mother’s Day weekend it’s only fitting we give thanks and much appreciation to our first teacher, our Moms. My mom was a favorite teacher for many, teaching Home Economics and Parenting during her days as a High School teacher before going into Administration but for me she is my favorite teach of all time for the example she taught me in her work ethic, supporting and caring for her family and truly what it means to be a Proverbs 23 woman. Thank you to all the teachers everywhere!



Next week we get to talk about and love on mom more as we celebrate Mother’s Day and Nurses Appreciation week.


Be Sweet!

Evolution of a Dallas Cookie Bakery

Today I’m launching the all new refreshed look of The Dough Bar brand!  I’ve spent the past nine months thinking, contemplating and dwelling on if I was ready or needed to refresh my brand.  I have to admit I was extremely attached and very scared but with some encouragement and a great team, today is the day a new brand image is born!!

Bitter-Sweet….why rebrand?

You might be asking why a rebrand Rosilind? Your logo was so pretty.  Honestly, this was very bitter-sweet for me as I loved my previous logo.  That logo was a work of art by my sister and in-house graphic designer Kimberly Coleman-Pagan.  We worked on that logo together and it was the first significant thing we had done together in business but, I’d come to realize that while the logo was pretty it wasn’t a part of a cohesive brand strategy – I had bought a truck, that is supposed to hit the streets for special events, our packaging had changed due to new products, everything was a hodgepodge of stuff.   I agonized and swallowed the bitter pill of reality and went to my sister to discuss saying goodbye to our work.  Kim has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders so of course she was very supportive and completely behind me in my choice to move forward and rebrand.

Since launching The Dough Bar nine years ago we have evolved, moved and suffered some bitter-sweet moments – transitioned from a mail order chip and oatmeal only cookie company in Atlanta, GA to a treats and sweets local bakeshop in Dallas, TX with delivery and pop up locations.  The choice to rebrand came around the time I was having a crisis of commitment to my business.

I was wavering whether or not to stay or go but something deep within said “dig your heels in, stay and fight.”  In my mind that translated into shedding our old skin and refreshing our brand to symbolize where we were NOW in business. To let go of the bitter past and embrace the sweetness of right now and smell the awesome goodness baking in the oven for the future.

Salty but Oh So Sweet!!

One might say I’m a bit of a control nut…hehe that’s the polite way of putting it. But like any good nut I was a bit salty giving up creative control of my brand to Nikki.  Yes, I was confident in her abilities, she does AAAAHHMAZING work, but hey let’s face it those weren’t my brands and I was special. Well at least that’s what I tell myself every day in my head – LOL.  Nikki was sweet, patient and oh so intuitive. She talked me down off my ledge of clutter and mucking up a brand she worked so hard on and presented to me the most beautiful feminine, yet bold and clean imagery I could have imaged.  It truly is amazing what fresh eyes and taking your hands off of something that’s “Not My Dream” (more about that quote later) can do for you.

This refresh has taken many long hours, even longer nights, some amazing talented and sweet creative individuals and batches upon batches of cookies to finally come to this sweet evolution. Keep reading for a glimpse into the creative patient heart of our sweet and amazing graphic designer Nikki Nuckols at Doodledog Advertising who along with her team helped us shift out the lumps. See our brand board revealed and then drool over the amazing goodness she baked up for us that is our new brand.Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.29.33 AM

Take it away Nikki…

What was it like working on The Dough Bar project?

It constantly made me hungry 😉 Staring at pictures of ingredients, cookies, and other sweets was basically torture, but so worth it in the end to see everything come together beautifully!

How did you come up with such a delicious brand board?

Listening to Rosilind talk about her brand, what it means to her and where she sees it going, gave us a perfect foundation for the design board. We started be creating the inspiration board, which led us to a complete brand overhaul and redesign. We wanted to create something beautiful, elegant, and timeless. We wanted to create something that could be on the side of a food truck and turn heads, as well as on a tiny gift box with yummy treats inside. We wanted to create a delicious brand that people would remember!

We started by creating an updated brand identity for The Dough Bar, including a new color scheme, scripted gold foil logo, and print elements. This new brand identity brings out The Dough Bar’s sweet and elegant personality, and gives potential clients a taste of the quality The Dough Bar strives to put in all their treats.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.29.57 AM

For us The Dough Bar isn’t just a cookie company it’s a life style, it’s about living your sweetest life on purpose and enjoying every moment of it. I want to thank all of you out there who have supported The Dough Bar over the years and continue to support us. I hope you have enjoyed the journey thus far and will continue with us as we evolve and grow.

Until next time. Be Sweet!